Program Director and Teammates
Anneshia Freeman MBA, MSW, CADC-M
Anneshia Freeman is the creator and Director of a copy-written, trademarked, cognitive restructuring and resocialization program entitled The Lies That Bind – The Legacy of the Locks®. The program is based on the work of several experts in the fields of neuroscience and psychology.  Anneshia integrates concepts from neuroscience, psychology, and computer programming along with 15 years of participant observation, exploratory, ethnographic research experience into one innovative cause and effect treatment methodology.

The program was piloted within the 61st District Court’s Start Treatment of Prostitution (STOP) program for three years and yielded tremendous results. The program has been presented at the University of Toledo’s Annual Conference on Prostitution, Sex Work, and the Commercial Sex Industry three consecutive years to an audience of Master level and PhD level therapists and clinicians receiving rave reviews. 

Currently Anneshia is employed at Arbor Circle where she has trained nine MSW therapists in her program methodology. The methodology is being piloted within the Mission Inn program which assists women with children under the age of five in stopping the generational cycles of drug addiction and poverty in their family. The Lies That Bind® is currently being utilized by 61st District Court’s Drug Court and Sobriety Court Programs. Anneshia worked as an outreach counselor with Arbor Circle’s Street Outreach Program for 2.5 years. Street Outreach is a program that services inner-city youth ages 21 and under. 

Anneshia has developed an adolescent version of the Lies That Bind® Program that is in its third pilot targeting severely wounded, high-risk, inner-city youth. Anneshia is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC-M). Anneshia completed her MBA in August of 2008 and her MSW in April of 2012 on a King, Park, Chavez Future Faculty Fellowship.

Anneshia was  profiled in the Grand Rapids Press.

Anneshia's life's story was featured on the 700 Club

Anneshia's book review for "The Adult Reenactment of the Childhood Script"

The Lies That Bind ® Team:
Anneshia has assembled a team of experts that consult with the program. They consult with the program performing groups, presentations, and sitting on panels. These experts come from various backgrounds and are labeled experts due to their extensive experiences in the following lifestyles:

  • Recovering addicts with three to 25 years clean
  • Former prostitutes that have not only left the lifestyles but are pursuing degrees in various disciplines
  • Former drug dealers that have left the lifestyle and are assisting others in changing their lives
  • Former dopemen's girlfriends that left Mr. Prison-bound and became fully self-supporting in CAREERS
  • Former domestic violence victims that have completely changed the way they think and have criteria that must be met by anyone seeking to be a part of their lives

Press Photo/Emily Zoladz
Anneshia Freeman talks to kids about the trap of drug dealing and life on the streets during a recent Weed and Seed Youth Rally at Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church.